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November 15, 2017
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Lawyers in Bulgaria

When it comes to defending your rights as a natural person or securing your business plan and actions as a legal person, you usually need legal advice and representation from a lawyer Bulgaria. They will provide you with legal advice on various issues and questions and will help you and your business. The legal profession of a lawyer Bulgaria is very widely spread and when it comes to choosing a law firm and lawyers Bulgaria there are so many suggestions. This makes the task even harder than choosing from a couple of legal experts. This is why our team of lawyers Bulgaria at Mikov & Attorneys have collected some valuable knowledge and experience. It will help every natural and legal person in his journey to find his or her lawyer Bulgaria that will provide the most suitable representation in every legal situation and dispute. 


What is a lawyer Bulgaria?

The lawyer Bulgaria is a legal professional that can practice law. He has the opportunity to work in every legal 


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area, like an attorney-at-law, advocate, barrister, judge, in-house advisors of companies and public authorities and many others. The lawyer Bulgaria has broad knowledge in domestic and/or international legislation and can provide his clients with various competent legal services.  


What does a lawyer Bulgaria mean in the country and around the world?

Lawyers Bulgaria

The lawyer Bulgaria is one of the most commonly used legal professions of all and it is one of the most recognized translation of the Bulgarian term for a lawyer Bulgaria – “advokat”. The profession of the lawyer Bulgaria is free and independent and every document or other information, that is in possession of the lawyer Bulgaria cannot be a subject of review, copy, verification and seizure. This ensures the integrity and security of all the secrets of the clients from any form of abuse and harassment by third parties. In Bulgaria the Bulgarian Bar Act regulates the legal relations between the lawyer Bulgaria and his or her clients. The Bulgarian law also regulates the rights and responsibilities of the lawyers Bulgaria and the sanctions that they can receive if they don’t fulfill their duties.


            Around the world

Like every other legal profession, lawyers Bulgaria have different interpretation depending on the domestic 


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legislation and the type of legal system the country uses. For example, in Australia, unlike lawyer Bulgaria, the term combines two legal professions – barrister and solicitor. In India, unlike lawyers Bulgaria, the term is not that common and they use “advocate” that is prescribed in their Advocates Act. In the United States of America when the term “lawyer” is used, it usually refers to attorneys-at-law who can practice law. Every country and legislation have analogue concepts about the term lawyer Bulgaria and include in that different responsibilities.


How can a person become a lawyer Bulgaria?

Every person, who wants to be a lawyer Bulgaria must go through a long process, that will give him all the knowledge needed to practice the profession.

            University degree for a lawyer Bulgaria

If a person wants to become a lawyer Bulgaria, he must complete a 5-year university degree, pass all his 3 state exams and one additional exam before the Ministry of Justice. This is the most important thing that every person, seeking legal advice and services, should look in when searching for a lawyer Bulgaria. When a person successfully goes through this step, he’s a “jurist” and has the opportunity to decide what type of legal profession he wants to practice. Every graduated student has the opportunity to decide whether he wants to be a lawyer Bulgaria or a notary, judge or a prosecutor.

            Taking the exam before the Bar Association and registering as a lawyer Bulgaria

For a person to start practicing as a lawyer Bulgaria, he has to join the Bar Association. For that every lawyer

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Bulgaria must fulfill a number of criteria, that are the same for every one of them and has to pass the Bar Association’s exams. This is important because every lawyer Bulgaria that wants to practice the profession must be a member to a Bar Association. There are 28 Bar Associations across the country that provide every lawyer Bulgaria the opportunity to register himself or herself in the most convenient Bar Association. The exams before the Bar Association for a lawyer Bulgaria to acquire legal capacity are very complex and complicated and require high level of legal knowledge. The reason is restricting lawyers Bulgaria, who are not well prepared to practice the profession. This is very important, because the mistakes that a lawyer Bulgaria might make if he’s not that familiar with the legislation might have severe consequences for the client and in some cases can be fatal. Тhe exam for the lawyers Bulgaria is created also to restrict the number of legal professionals in the country, because the universities in Bulgaria “produce” a lot of jurists and the work for all lawyers Bulgaria has dropped considerably.


After completing the whole process, the junior lawyer Bulgaria can practice his profession, join law offices and provide legal services to his clients. But it is important to mention that the junior lawyer Bulgaria has the rights of a lawyer Bulgaria, but is subject to certain limitations that are set by the Bulgarian Bar Act. Usually junior lawyers Bulgaria have the opportunity to represent clients before district courts, which are usually the first instance in a court case. The junior lawyers Bulgaria can plead before regional courts that are the second instance, if he has represented the same client in the first instance case. This is why experience is the key when you search for the most suitable legal partner in Bulgaria.


What are the main responsibilities of a lawyer Bulgaria?

The lawyer Bulgaria can represent his or her personal clients or, if working in a law firm, their clients in the field

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of his or her expertise. The lawyer Bulgaria can provide legal service in a court representation and in any other legal dispute resolutions. The lawyers Bulgaria can also provide expert advice on solutions to various legal issues.



Lawyers Bulgaria can provide all their clients with legal representation and various services, related with real estate management, negotiations and others. The lawyer Bulgaria is not only a person who has extended knowledge in the domestic legislation, but has the experience needed to consult and advice all his or her clients in various cases. Because of the extended knowledge and experience in dealing with various cases, the lawyer Bulgaria can provide all his clients with fast and effective solutions to every legal issue, even if it is in a matter, more complicated than general legislation.


What does the practice of a lawyer Bulgaria include?

The everyday practice of a lawyer Bulgaria includes practical implementation of legal theories, as well as his or her knowledge for resolving a real issue or defending its client’s interests in various cases. The obligations of a 

lawyer Bulgaria consist protecting all of his trustee’s interests. In many countries, as well as lawyer Bulgaria, this legal profession is deemed as very prestigious and elite, because of the complexity of public relations and the realized need that they need to have some order between them. Many citizens rely on the services of a lawyer Bulgaria in various situations, from the status of a real estate asset, family matters, taxes, even the contract with an internet provider. In this way they are sure that they’re familiar with every legal aspect of the contract or situation and have the opportunity to easily defend their rights. The consultation with a lawyer Bulgaria also provides clarity about every person’s rights and obligations.


Specialization of lawyers Bulgaria

Because of the complexity and the amount of legislation in every country most of the lawyers Bulgaria specialize in particular


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area. This gives them the opportunity to provide their clients with expert legal services in their field of experience and expertise. There are many clients that choose their lawyer Bulgaria, based on their specific issue, but some of them don’t understand every detail of their problem and consult with general practitioners or big law firms, that provide different teams of experts in various legal matters. Our team of lawyers Bulgaria at Mikov & Attorney provide small and medium enterprises with legal services in every key aspect of their business.



Consultations with a lawyer Bulgaria

A part of the job description of every lawyer Bulgaria is the oral and written consultationс with clients and providing opinions on legal issues. Usually for that purpose lawyers Bulgaria are busy with conducting broad investigation on various facts that are directly linked to the client’s legal issue. The legal investigation is a complex matter that aims to reveal and establish specific facts and details. These investigations are directly linked with the work of the lawyer Bulgaria and his ability to provide his clients with adequate legal services. This kind of research can be conducted for previous court cases as well. As a result of these investigations it is often necessary to draw special documents and deposit them before the relevant institutions.


Relations between the client and a lawyer Bulgaria

The relationships between a lawyer Bulgaria and its clients must be based on honesty, mutual trust and responsibility. The lawyer Bulgaria must provide to each of his or her clients adequate legal assistance and protection and the client must provide the lawyer Bulgaria all the facts about his or her case and every circumstance, relevant to the legal subject. A great part of the responsibilities of the lawyer Bulgaria to his

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clients come directly from the Bulgarian laws and legislation. For example, these are the duties of the lawyers Bulgaria to accurately inform their clients for their legal rights and responsibilities according to the domestic and international legislation. The lawyers Bulgaria must not undertake cases or clients, whom they know that cannot provide all the needed information adequately or do not have the experience and training needed in the process. The lawyers Bulgaria are also restrained from representing both parties in one and the same legal issue simultaneously.



The lawyer Bulgaria can represent his client in various court cases. The lawyers Bulgaria are one of the few legal professions that actually have the knowledge and opportunity to plead in court cases. The lawyer Bulgaria can provide his client with court representation only if the client has given his lawyer Bulgaria the exclusive right for that. The lawyer Bulgaria is usually present during the meeting between both parties so they can plead, make requests to the judge to protect the rights of the clients, they’re representing and others. The court representation from a lawyer Bulgaria is important because they’re familiar with the existing legislations and the deadlines that a case might require. This is one of the guarantees that the client has the opportunity to actually defend his case and win it.


The team of lawyers Bulgaria at Mikov & Attorneys

Mikov & Attorneys is a law firm that is built from a team of expert lawyers Bulgaria. We provide small and 


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medium enterprises with legal advice and representation on various legal aspects, such as purchasing real estate, establishing a branch of their business in the country, purchasing an existing business and many others. Our team of lawyers Bulgaria has provided numerous small and medium enterprises with legal advice and representation on their every step with their investment in the country. The lawyers Bulgaria at Mikov & Attorneys can and will be your trusted partner throughout every step of your investment in Bulgaria. Choose our experience to work for your business. 


What is a lawyer Bulgaria?

What does a lawyer Bulgaria mean in the country and around the world?

How can a person become a lawyer Bulgaria?

What are the main responsibilities of a lawyer Bulgaria?

What does the practice of a lawyer Bulgaria include? 

Specialization of lawyers Bulgaria

Consultations with a lawyer Bulgaria

Relations between the client and a lawyer Bulgaria

Legal court representation from a lawyer Bulgaria

The team of lawyers Bulgaria at Mikov & Attorneys


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