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November 15, 2017
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Discover Bulgarian real estate

Bulgaria real estate assets

Finding the perfect place for your investments abroad can be a very difficult task. Thus if you look for Bulgaria real estate assets, you will most definitely need a trustful partner. Nowadays it is easy to make a virtual office, store and even create an international clients’ network, yet we believe that every successful business needs to have a proper “home”. Given the current situation, the Bulgaria real estate market gives domestic and foreign investors plenty of good locations at affordable prices. Mikov & Attorneys will represent in a proper manner your company before local partners and local authorities in Bulgaria with respect to your Bulgaria real estate assets.


Legal services for Bulgaria real estate assets from Mikov & Attorneys

When searching for professional and sufficient support for your Bulgaria real estate investment, we at Mikov & Attorneys can be your trusted partner. Our professional team of lawyers will first assist you with drafting of preliminary agreements for sale and purchase of Bulgaria real estate assets. In specific cases, which demand contracts for division of Bulgaria real estate assets or dealing with complications, our lawyers will prepare all necessary documents and acts in detail.


When it comes to purchasing or selling Bulgaria real estate, Mikov & Attorneys will provide every small and

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Bulgaria real estate -
We manage
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medium enterprise with legal advice and services. Our team of experts will give you and your partners legal support related to Bulgaria real estate assets by drafting land lease and renting office premises agreements or even in more complex situations such as right-in-rem issues. The Bulgaria real estate market usually requires a lot of paperwork and knowledge in domestic legislation. We know that this is a difficult task for many and this is why our lawyers will provide you with all the legal advice and services needed. We will walk with you through the whole process of clarifying the Bulgaria real estate legal status and helping you to manage your rights and liabilities when purchasing in Bulgaria real estate.



Important aspect is checking for the existence of third parties’ rights, for example mortgages and foreclosures, when planning Bulgaria real estate deals. Our law office will provide you with all the legal advice and services needed. Our expert team of lawyers has contacts in Bulgaria real estate market: property developers, institutions, investors, real estate funds, retailers and others partners, who may help you buy, rent or sell Bulgaria real estate assets in the most efficient and effective way.


We have more than 10 years’ experience in Bulgaria real estate deals and for us it is really important to work for the interest of our clients. Sometimes during the process of purchasing or selling Bulgaria real estate more complex situation can arise. In these situations, you must be sure that your legal expert can and will provide you with adequate advice. We can assure all our clients that our team of lawyers are familiar with all domestic regulations, related to Bulgaria real estate and will provide you with the best services you need! We believe that the professional help we provide, can make purchasing Bulgaria real estate assets an easy task.


Our practice, dealing with various cases, and long experience of working with multinational investors in Bulgaria

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real estate market made us confident with the documentations required in Bulgaria real estate: registrations, building and operational permits, and as always, taking into consideration all requirements of the domestic law. We can also provide legal expertise in Bulgaria real estate legal regulations, environmental protection and health safety. Our clients, who trusted us to find in Bulgaria real estate, built malls, commercial and residential buildings and developed significant energy projects – Wind and Photovoltaic Power Plants, Gas Pipe-Lines, etc.



We know that often the client prefers to settle everything ahead. With Mikov & Attorneys, you can rely on representatives, who will negotiate on your behalf the deal with the counterparties from Bulgaria real estate side. If needed, our lawyers can provide you fiduciaries, so it will be easier to avoid possible downsides in Bulgaria real estate market. We can provide full legal services, specific for Bulgaria real estate assets. You can receive comprehensive legal consultation on specific constructions projects, financing operations, property legislation, ranging from change of designation of the land, detailed zoning plans approvals, obtaining administrative authorities and others related to Bulgaria real estate contractual arrangements. This is only a small part of the specific for Bulgaria real estate administrative proceedings that we will cover for you.

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The legal services, that we at Mikov & Attorneys provide to our clients, make the Bulgarian real estate market one-step closer and helps you get a good deal at any time. With other words, Mikov & Attorneys law office is your strong partner when you want to invest in Bulgaria real estate assets.


Bulgaria real estate assets

Legal services for Bulgaria real estate assets from Mikov & Attorneys


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