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November 15, 2017
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Practice of attorneys in Bulgaria

Attorneys Bulgaria, also known as lawyers, provide clients with legal representation and advice in various civil and criminal cases. Generally, the attorney Bulgaria can practice in a specific law area, like criminal, real estate, environmental law and many others, or she can be a general practitioner. 

The development of the legal professions and attorney Bulgaria

Throughout the centuries there has been the tradition of the legal professions in many countries around the world. For example, England, which is often referred by “the mother of common law jurisdictions”, had developed different legal professions since the Dark Ages. In the 19th century the area continued to evolve and, for example, the growing division between barristers and solicitors emerged. Since the creation of law and legal 
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systems, the professions in the field, like attorneys Bulgaria and lawyers, have changed significantly. Now there is a clear difference between many legal professions that many people can’t tell and recognize. But it is important when you need legal advice and representation to know who can provide you with the assistance you need, whether it is a lawyer or attorney Bulgaria. 

Difference between legal professions around the world

Often people tend to mistake and misunderstand the power and jurisdiction of “lawyers” and “attorneys” Bulgaria. A lawyer is a general term for a person who graduated from law school and has quailification to practice law. An attorney Bulgaria is a member of the legal profession who can represent his clients in pleading or defending various court cases. Here is a brief explanation of attorneys Bulgaria and other legal professionals around the world and their meaning in Bulgaria. 
This legal profession has various interpretations around the world. In some legal systems it is used honorific for lawyers. In many English law-based legal systems the advocate can be used as a synonym for barristers or solicitors. In other jurisdictions, like Italian, French, Spanish and others, advocate is used as a term to indicate lawyers of superior classification. In Bulgaria, the term refers to every member of the Bulgarian Bar Association. In some criminal cases, advocate can be used as a synonym of defense attorney Bulgaria.
A lawyer is a person who practices law, like the attorney Bulgaria, advocate, barrister, counselor or solicitor,
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judge, in-house advisors of companies and public authotities, and others. He’s a person, that has extensive knowledge in the legislation but unlike the attorney Bulgaria, the lawyer may or may not provide legal services. The lawyer’s practice involves the practical application of legal theories, providing solutions to various legal issues and disputes, representing a client in a court case and etc. In Bulgaria the term “lawyer” is the most commonly used legal profession that is also used as translation of the Bulgarian term “advokat”. This means that most legal professionalists, like attorneys Bulgaria and advocates, use this term no matter their field of expertise and experience. In Bulgaria lawyers take part in court processes and trials. This is why sometimes they’re referred to as court lawyers. 
Attorney Bulgaria
The attorney Bulgaria is a preferred term for a lawyer, that practices in particular law system. In the legal system of the United States of America, attorney is considered as the official name of a lawyer. In the country, attorney refers strictly to a legal professional, that is able to prosecute and defend cases in court. This legal profession contains the verb “to attorn”, which has French origins and means “to transfer one's rights and obligations to another”. 
Difference between an attorney Bulgaria and a lawyer - An attorney Bulgaria practices in a court of law and is legally qualified to prosecute and defend their clients in the same court. The main difference between a lawyer and an attorney Bulgaria, is that the attorney Bulgaria actually can practice law in the courtroom weather the lawyer may or may not do that. Even though lawyer and an attorney Bulgaria are considered synonyms, it’s very important to know that an attorney Bulgaria is a lawyer, but it’s not necessary to be the same in the other way
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Attorneys in Bulgaria - In Bulgaria the term attorney Bulgaria is not a common synonym of a lawyer. Just like them, attorneys Bulgaria usually are not distinguished in specializing in a certain field of law. In Bulgaria almost every legal professional uses the term attorney Bulgaria in their name, title and business cards. 
The barrister is a type of attorney Bulgaria, that practices in common law jurisdiction. It is believed that barristers specialize mainly in litigation processes and courtroom advocacy. They take cases to higher instance court and tribunals, draft various pleadings and provide their clients with expert legal opinions and advice. Like attorneys Bulgaria and every other legal profession, the term and duties of the barristers vary in different countries and legal systems. In Bulgaria there are some lawyers, who call themselves barristers. Like the general definition, the barristers, like the attorney Bulgaria, usually plead in court of higher instance on various complicated cases. They’re well known for their expert knowledge in domestic legislation and long experience with various legal cases, like attorneys Bulgaria. In Bulgaria the professional experience of attorney Bulgaria or lawyers who call themselves barristers is very important, because only legal professionals with more than 5 years’ experience can plead cases in Bulgarian Supreme Courts.  
The solicitor, like attorney Bulgaria, is a legal profession that traditionally deals with most of the jurisdiction in a particular country and law system. In Bulgaria legal professionalists – solicitors usually specialize in achieving
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out-of-court agreements for their clients in various legal disputes and litigation. This can also be accomplished by attorneys Bulgaria. The solicitors in Bulgaria offer their clients interpretation of the Bulgarian law and advise them on various legal issues. In Bulgaria the most well-known solicitors are those, who work with real estate issues such as transactions of property, wills and other services. In general, the solicitors in Bulgaria work on various legal cases, examine documents, give professional advice and conduct negotiations between different parties. 

Legal professions in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria advocates, lawyers, solicitors, attorney Bulgaria and barristers represent the legal practices in the country. They have the power to act on the behalf of their clients in various legal matters. The interesting thing in Bulgaria that there is almost no difference between lawyer, attorney Bulgaria and other legal professions from a legal point of view. In the Bulgarian Bar Act, you can find only one figure that is known as “advokat” which sounds really familiar like the English legal profession “advocate”. To explain this, in Bulgaria all the legal professions – lawyers, attorneys Bulgaria, solicitors, advocates and barristers can be used as a synonym of one another. The main difference in the legal professions in Bulgaria is between advocates, lawyers, solicitors, attorney Bulgaria and barristers and the term “jurist”.
Difference between attorney Bulgaria and jurist
In Bulgaria the main difference between an attorney Bulgaria, lawyer, solicitor, advocate or barrister and a jurist is that the second qualification has a wider meaning. In the country every legal profession, including attorney
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Bulgaria, is a jurist, but not every jurist practices a legal profession like attorney Bulgaria. The term “jurist” is often used as a synonym to legal professions, like attorney Bulgaria, which refers to anyone professionally involved with law and justice. In the definition of jurist are included not only lawyers and attorneys Bulgaria, but also notaries, judges and prosecutors. In Bulgaria the jurist is a qualification in professional principles and not an exact profession like the attorney Bulgaria. It can become a profession when the jurist becomes attorney Bulgaria, because in that case he can actually practices the profession and can provide legal advice and services. 

Experience of the attorneys Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the main thing, that separates attorneys in Bulgaria, is their practice. There are 2 big groups – of attorneys Bulgaria with more than 5 years’ experience and those with less than 5 years’ experience. The only difference between the two groups of attorneys Bulgaria or lawyers is, that the second group of attorneys Bulgaria are not allowed to plead in Bulgarian Supreme Courts. The attorneys Bulgaria can plead in Supreme Court of Cassation of Bulgaria and the Supreme Administrative Court of Bulgaria. They are the last instance courts in Bulgaria that resolve the most important legal disputes and only attorneys Bulgaria with more than 5 years’ experience can plead there. 

Bulgarian Bar Association for attorneys Bulgaria and other legal professions

Every attorney Bulgaria, lawyer or any other legal profession must go through a 5-year university degree, 3 state exams and a specific test for acquiring legal capacity before the Ministry of Justice. After these steps the attorneys Bulgaria and other legal professions can start practicing in their field of expertise. Before the start of
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his professional practice, every attorney Bulgaria or a lawyer must fulfill all the criteria, listed in the Bulgarian Bar Act and then be registered in a Bulgarian Bar Association which are distributed across the country. In the country, there are 28 Bar Associations in every administrative region that can register attorneys Bulgaria. 

The profession of the attorneys Bulgaria

The profession of the attorney Bulgaria is an expression of the constitutional and legally guaranteed human rights of defense and legal advice to every natural and legal person. In addition to court representation, attorneys Bulgaria often provide legal services to their clients in real estate, negotiations, imposing collaterals and many other. An attorney Bulgaria should not only be familiar with the legislation in the country but has to have the experience and knowledge to consult and advice his clients in different areas of business, as well as various court cases. 
The everyday practice of the attorney Bulgaria includes the practical implementation of particular law that is directly correlated with his client’s rights. Thanks to his legal knowledge and experience in dealing with various specific cases, the attorney Bulgaria is able to act in a fast way and to find the shortest route to his client’s goals. Legal services, that the attorney Bulgaria provides, are various, but they all have something in common – they are related to the search of correct and lawful solutions that aim to achieve a certain legal result. 

The practice of attorneys Bulgaria

There are some attorneys Bulgaria that practice in a specific area of the legislation and do not offer any legal services in other areas. The legislation is too broad and it is very hard for an attorney Bulgaria to offer proper
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and adequate legal services in every area. This is why many legal systems have developed the practice the attorneys in Bulgaria and other countries to form Law Firms that handle cases in every area of the legislation. Afterwards it is distributed, based on the specific area and experience, among the attorneys Bulgaria, that work in that particular Law Office. 
In Bulgaria you can find many big and small Law Firms with lawyers and attorneys Bulgaria, that can handle very complicated legal cases. In the country the main division between attorneys Bulgaria is whether they practice in the area of criminal or civil law, but you can find some, that can offer legal advice in both areas of legislation. 

Representation in court cases 

Both lawyers and attorneys Bulgaria can represent their clients in court cases. The Bulgarian legislations determines the legal professions that have the opportunity to undertake court actions. The attorney Bulgaria can provide legal representation for his client, only if the client has given him that power. Often both parties in a court case insist their attorneys Bulgaria to be present during the meeting so they can plead, make requests to the judge to protect the rights of the clients, they’re representing. This is because many procedural laws include deadlines and other requirements for carrying out many of the lawsuits. And most of them are familiar to the
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attorneys Bulgaria. Sometimes, if not fulfilled, these deadlines can lead to loss of the case. This is why clients trust and seek legal advice and representation of attorneys Bulgaria. According to the Bulgarian legislation, both parties have the right to defend themselves, but that often is a difficult task for them and they turn to the services of attorney Bulgaria.
For foreign businesses and natural persons, it is even more difficult to represent themselves in any legal disputes, litigation processes or court cases. This is why they tend to seek advice and legal services from attorneys Bulgaria. Attorneys Bulgaria will provide them with expert knowledge and experience in domestic legislation so every business or natural person can feel safe and protected.

Mikov & Attorneys Bulgaria 

We at Mikov & Attorneys Bulgaria provide small and medium enterprises with legal advice in business and tax law. We’ve been providing all our clients with expert legal advice and services for more than 10 years. Our team of attorneys Bulgaria consists of experienced experts that will provide you with legal advice and representation in your language! Mikov & Attorneys Bulgaria can provide every client with proper legal assistance in French, Bulgarian and English language. Part of our team of experts are Konstantin Mikov, founder of Mikov & Attorney Bulgaria, and Maria Hristova, partner at the Law firm. 
Konstantin Mikov – founder of Mikov & Attorneys Bulgaria
The founder of Mikov & Attorneys Bulgaria is Mr. Konstantin Mikov. He’s a well pronounced expert in his field with extensive experience in some of the most prominent Law Firms in Bulgaria. Mr. Mikov is an attorney
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Bulgaria with experience in corporate, tax, merger & acquisition, banking and financial services. He also can provide competent legal advice and services in the renewable and energy sectors. In his career as attorney Bulgaria, he has advised major French companies, as well as multinational Czech, Slovak and Bulgarian companies. He’s an attorney Bulgaria, member of Sofia Bar Association and can provide every client with expert legal advice and service in English, French and Bulgarian language. 
Maria Hristova – partner at Mikov & Attorney Bulgaria
Maria Hristova is an expert attorney Bulgaria with rich educational background. She has been practicing law as an attorney Bulgaria for 19 years in different public institutions and administration in Bulgaria. Part of the experience, attorney in Bulgaria Maria Hristova has gathered in one of the most prominent and internationally recognized Law Firms in Bulgaria where she worked as an attorney Bulgaria for domestic and international clients. As an attorney Bulgaria, Mrs. Hristova’s main areas of expertise are real 

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estate and construction, energy and renewables, and administrative law, as well as in civil, commercial and administrative litigation work. She’s an attorney Bulgaria, member of Veliko Tarnovo Bar Association. Mrs. Hristova can provide all clients with expert legal advice and services. Attorney Bulgaria Hristova speaks English and Bulgarian language fluently and has basic knowledge of Russian. 
We can guarantee all our clients with expert legal services from our attorneys Bulgaria. Throughout our years of experience, our attorneys Bulgaria worked with many small and medium enterprises and we’ve managed to achieve their goals! Trust our team of experts at Mikov & Attorney Bulgaria to represent your business in Bulgaria.
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