1. Establishing all kinds of companies and branches of companies; drafting the full packages of legally prescribed incorporation documents; registering in the Commercial Register; obtaining licenses and permits when required for the commercial activity of a company;
  2. Advising on the most appropriate form of structuring a business, including advising on tax issues, VAT registration, regulation, employment issues;
  3. Optimizing the governance and management of companies; drafting documents for convention of  and representation at general meetings, drafting managers’ service agreements, and other services in the field of corporate governance;
  4. Advising on the most appropriate scheme for implementation of corporate changes; drafting and registering in the Commercial Register respective documents;
  5. Advising on commercial deals; drafting of commercial agreements and representation in negotiations;
  1. Advising on tax optimization structures of foreign companies having subsidiaries in Bulgaria, integrating transfer pricing files, etc.
  2. Advising on issues related to corporate tax, withholding tax, VAT and other direct or indirect taxes in Bulgaria;
  3. Advising during tax inspections of corporate and natural persons, representation before Bulgarian tax administration.
Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  1. Preparing an adequate form and structure of the whole transaction with regard to the legal aspects and tax issues;
  2. Drafting all transaction documents, including discussion thereof with transaction partners;
  3. Conducting legal due diligence of the target company; identifying and assessing the main risks for the transaction;
Our attorneys advised numerous CAC40 French companies, as well as major Czech, German, Austrian, Spanish and Japanese companies having business in Bulgaria in sectors as various as energy, water, IT, automotive, construction and industrial production.
  1. Advising on loan agreements, in particular mortgage loans, acquisition loans and syndicated loans, including the options for using investments tools and finance and operating leases;
  2. Advising on and establishing security under the Law on Special Pledges, including going concern special pledge, special pledge over shares, special pledge over receivables, etc.;
  3. Drafting all documents necessary for the registration of the established special pledges in the Central Register for Special Pledges, Commercial Register and Real Estate Register; registering the established special pledges in the relevant registers.
  1. Advising on all aspects of investments in financial instruments, in particular Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Forex, Binary Options, Futures, Warrants etc.
  2. Advising on all aspects of licensing of investment firms in Bulgaria before the Bulgarian Supervision Commission;
  3. Advising on all aspects of the anti-money laundering legislation, drafting relevant internal procedures, etc;
  4. Protecting investors' rights at the capital markets, including representation before investment firms.
Our attorneys advised numerous local companies and hundreds of natural persons in the banking and financial sectors on all aspects of protection of their investments.
Real Estate Law
  1. Advising on the purchase or sale of real estate assets; drafting preliminary agreements for sale and purchase of real estate assets, drafting notary deeds for sale and purchase of real estate asstes or for establishment of limited rights-in-rem over; drafting contracts for division of real estate assets; representing clients in the negotiation process with the counterparties; representing clients before notaries public for the finalization of the sale/purchase process;
  2. Providing a comprehensive legal research on the actual legal status of real estate assets, including free and clear title due diligence and checks for existence of third parties’ rights, such as mortgages or foreclosures;
  3. Drafting lease agreements; representing clients in negotiations for renting office premises.
  1. Full legal services in the carrying out construction projects, in particular drafting contractual arrangements for construction, financing and subsequent operation of real estate assets;
  2. All-round legal advice on specific administrative proceedings, ranging from change of designation of agricultural and/or forest land (if and where necessary), detailed zoning plans approvals and amendments, obtaining respective administrative authorities’ opinions/orders, building permits and finally, operational permits, at all times taking into account all requirements of the laws and regulations covering environmental protection and health safety.
  3. Advising on and drafting agreements between the different participants in the construction permits.
Our attorneys have extensive experience in real estate projects developed in Bulgaria by multinational companies such as construction of Malls and other commercial and residential buildings, development of energy projects as Wind Power Plants, Photovoltaic Power Plants, Gas Pipe-Lines, etc.
  1. Advising on employment issues such as labour contracts, data protection, confidentiality and non- competition clauses, protection of employees’ rights, termination of labour agreements in observation of the obligatory legislative prescriptions; drafting labour contracts, agreements for termination of labour agreements by mutual consent, drafting orders as per the procedure set out in the Labour Code.
  2. Advising on internal order rules, job requirements specification and observation of the legislatively prescribed health safety conditions;
  3. Advising on hiring foreign natural persons, residence of foreign natural persons in the Republic of Bulgaria and work permits issues.
Our attorneys advised multinational companies on legal aspects such as hiring employees, termination of labor contracts, inspections etc.
  1. Advising on all stages of the realization of renewable energy project;
  2. Conducting legal due diligence in relation to the acquisition or realization of renewable energy projects; advising on the construction of renewable energy plants on agricultural lands, as well as advising on all issues related to the change of designation of agricultural lands.
  3. Advising on and assisting in administrative procedures for the issuance of energy license and other licenses or permits necessary for the realization and operation of an energy project;
  4. Providing analysis on the energy legislation in force and the forthcoming amendments taking into account the normative acts of the competent European Union institutions.
  5. Advising on the energy free market principles and rules.
  1. Advising on environmental law in relation to the construction of real estate assets;
  2. Providing analysis on the environmental legislation in force and the forthcoming amendments taking into account the normative acts of the competent European Union institutions.
Administrative law
  1. Representing within administrative procedures for issuance of authorizations/licenses etc.;
  2. Advising on all domains of administrative and public law;
  3. Advising on data protection regulations; money laundering regulations etc.
  1. Representing clients before the Bulgarian courts and arbitration courts in various kinds of legal disputes (corporate, real estate and construction, labour and administrative law);
  2. Drafting court claims and other documents related to court and arbitration proceedings;
  3. Representing clients before investment brokers and/or competent ombudsman in case of breach of the European normative acts in the field of investment services and regulated markets.
The Law Office currently represents hundreds of clients in disputes with Investment Firms and has successfully achieved out-of-court settlements.
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